Antwax - Essential Oil Diffuser - Antwax
Antwax - Essential Oil Diffuser - Antwax
Antwax - Essential Oil Diffuser - Antwax
Antwax - Essential Oil Diffuser - Antwax

Antwax - Essential Oil Diffuser

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The Antwax is quiet, so you will never be disturbed by the sound of the device. In addition, the flame diffuser provides a very cool effect. The water vapor from the device is illuminated, making it look like a flame is coming out of the device. The brightness of the light has two different modes. The 'flame' is not dangerous and has a calming effect. This, in combination with the nice scents of the essential oils, ensures that you can relax optimally. The Antwax is widely used for meditation and is also very suitable as a sleeping lamp.


Auto Shutdown - Added safety. If the water level falls below the required level, it will automatically shut down to prevent any accidents from happening.
Long-lasting mist - Large-capacity water tank, this can hold 200 ml of water to provide you with a longer-lasting misting time. Aside from that, it has three timer settings that you can set easily for 1, 3, or 6 hours.
Quiet operation - Built with your convenience in mind, this does not produce a loud sound during operation. This way, you can relax or sleep after a long day of work while this quietly emits a relaxing scent around you.
Compact design - Its compact size makes it easy to place on top of your counter, work desk, or any flat surface. Aside from that, it is also extremely easy to carry around, making it a portable and practical air humidifier that everyone in your family can use.
Suitable for all Aroma oils - The aroma diffuser is suitable for essential and perfume oils of all brands. If you want to use the diffuser for aromatherapy, we recommend using 100% pure essential oils. The scent of your favorite oil is spread through the room through the Antwax.